my favorite same sex ketubah  

though i have done many ketubot for same sex couples over the years, my first same sex ketubah is my favorite.

i made it for a good friend who i have known since we were 14 and at camp together. he has always worked in the arts, is very involved in the jewish world and then in 2002 he married a nice jewish doctor. really, what more could you ask for?


their ketubah is an abstract representation of the places that are meaningful to them and where they spend their time: the country, the desert and the city. the text is an adaptation of the brit ahuvim, an alternative text that was so radical at the time and now can be found on many prints.

i’m happy to say that they are still very much in love and very married, and their family has grown to include a fantastic daughter.

and they still love their ketubah.